B.B Biotin and Stem Cells sulfate free Shampoo

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Our unique Stem cell shampoo formulation have the following effects on your hair:

  • Providing deep hydration – Our Stem cell shampoos give your hair a deep and thorough clean while also providing proper hydration. This helps to replenish your roots and leaves your hair feeling soft yet strong.
  • Replenishing and rejuvenating follicles – Over time, hair follicles in your scalp die off. These cells are where your hair grows from, and eventually, as you age, your hair will thin as a result. Our Stem cell shampoo helps new follicles to form in your scalp, leading to healthy hair growth.
  • Strengthening and providing nutrients – Aside from stem cells, these shampoos are packed full of essential nutrients and minerals that your hair needs. Healthy hair needs a lot of important amino acids to grow properly and maintain itself.

Follow up with B.B Biotin and Stem Cells Conditioner.